The 4 C’s to Buying Diamonds

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but guys consider them the enemy because guys don’t know much about them. Knowing about the 4 C’s when buying a diamond can help you with another C (and it’s an important one): Cost.

Eric Fehmi Examining a Diamond

Make sure you understand the 4 C’s to a diamond. Visit to learn all about them.

Cut Diamond buyers often mistake cut for shape–a diamond’s cut refers to its reflective quality, and the perfect cut will reflect light up through the center of the stone. Have you wondered why some rings sparkle and others don’t? This is why. If you’re looking for a ring that sparkles the most, cut will be very important to you. You should get a diamond cut grade of Good or better in order to have your ring reflect majority of the light that enters it.

Color- A colorless diamond is the rarest and most valuable diamond, so the more color a diamond has, the less rare it is. The color system ranges from D (the highest grade and colorless) to Z, which means the diamonds have a light yellow color. Unlike school, grades D, E, and F are the best and most valuable. The differences between these three grades can’t be detected by the untrained eye, so if you’re looking to save but still want the highest color, a diamond with an F on the color scale is perfect. If you’re looking for a great value, any diamond with a G, H, I, or J grade (near colorless) will be great for you–because they have traces of color, setting them in a white gold or platinum setting will offset the color of the diamond. Additionally, if a warm color appeals to your loved one, you can spend half the money buying a K diamond than you would on a G one.

Clarity– A blemish on your skin makes you freak out, but diamonds naturally contain blemishes (or inclusions), though most cannot be seen by the naked eye. Therefore, a diamond without any blemishes is considered rare, which means it is very valuable. An internally flawless diamond has no blemishes that can be detected by the naked eye. If you’re looking for the best value, a diamond with very very small inclusions (VVS) or very small inclusions (VS) will give you a gorgeous diamond with a small blemish or two. Then again, don’t we all have a small blemish or two?

Carat– Often mistook for size, carat is the weight of the diamond. Diamond carats range from .25ct (which is 4.1 mm), .50ct, .75ct, 1ct, 1.25ct, 1.50ct, 1.75ct, 2+ct. For those who want the best value, getting a lower carat diamond with a higher cut will make the ring sparkle. After all, size doesn’t matter, right?    


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Engagement Ring 101

Jewelry by Eric explains the different diamond cuts.

Jewelry by Eric explains the different diamond cuts.

Congratulations, you are getting engaged! How many Pinterest pictures of engagement rings has your girlfriend subtly shown you? There are so many cuts, facets and styles to choose from. Is your head spinning? You may be thinking about The holidays are the perfect time to propose and now is the time to prepare yourself to have the “ring” conversation with your loved one. Learning the different cuts is a great way to start.

Round Cut – The traditional, classic brilliant round diamond cut has 58 facets and sparkles more than any other cut. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because it is all face–you get more visible diamond for less money.

Princess Cut – Introduced in 1980, this style is a modern alternative to the round cut. The square Princess cut diamond comes the closest in brilliance to the round diamond.

Cushion/Antique Cut – A mix between an oval and a rectangle. The cut gives it the appearance of a pillow, hence the name cushion cut. This cut has been around for almost 200 years, and today has become a popular style as seen on many celebrity fingers.

Pear Cut – This unique cut resembles its namesake. The pear cut has a large face, similarly to the round cut, and offers a high level of brilliance.

Emerald Cut – Also referred to as the Art Deco cut and worn by celebrities such as Beyonce, this rectangular cut features beveled corners and pyramid-like facets. This cut accentuates the stone, so it’s vital to make sure your stone’s clarity is the highest diamond grade you can afford.

Heart Cut – This cut lives up to its name–a diamond in the shape of a heart. Because of its shape, the heart cut is perfect for hopeless romantics.

Marquise Cut – An oval-shaped diamond with elongated pointed ends. It originated in the court of King Louis XIV of France, and is the diamond choice of royalty and is considered one of the most elegant diamond cuts.

Asscher Cut – If you want a diamond that shines, this is the one for you. It has the properties of an emerald cut, but the facets are even more pronounced, giving it that extra sparkle.

Oval Cut – This unique oval-shaped diamond features some of the characteristics of the round (e.g. both emit the most brilliance of all the cuts).

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